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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my jewelry appraised?

Fine jewelry is an asset worth keeping safe. It is important to know what you have, especially when it is an item of high value. Appraisals are required by insurance companies to ensure that in case of an unfortunate event, the replacement value of your items can be returned to you, if the item itself is no longer attainable. Aside from insurance purposes, it’s worth knowing the value of your items. You never know when you might need it.

How do I know if my jewelry or gem is worth insuring or getting an appraisal

The simple answer is: you won’t, until you have an appraiser take a look at your items. Making an appointment is the most efficient way to know whether or not you have items that may require insurance protection and an appraisal.

Can an appraiser design, sell and/or repair jewelry?

Not every professional appraisal service will provide additional services. With SAZ, more is possible. We offer a wider range of services than most, including custom design, repair, and consignment.

Can I wait while my jewelry is being appraised?

Absolutely! Our office hours are by appointment only, which means that you are welcome to sit and wait for your appraisal to be completed. There’s just one catch- we have a medium breed dog (labradoodle), so as long as you feel comfortable around large, silly, friendly (but barky at first) furfriends, you are more than welcome to wait with us. Otherwise, there are coffee shops and restaurants near by. In the event that you have multiple items that need appraising and may need to leave them with us, we can assure you that your items are safe with us.

What is the average cost of an appraisal?

Service turnaround depends on the quantity of items needing to be appraised at a time, whether you are expecting same-day service, if we traveled to your home or office, or if we need to ship the documents directly to you. A typical in-office same-day appraisal for a single item takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Feel free to ask us at the time of your appointment and we will be happy to give you an estimated timeframe for your appraisal service.

What's included in a jewelry appraisal?

A replacement value appraisal includes your name and address (as owner), a detailed description of your item, it’s weight in grams, measurements, characteristic information such as metal type and karat, gemstone color, clarity, carat weights, diamond plot, and replacement monetary value based off current market pricing. Each appraisal also includes an image or two of the item.

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