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Complete Gem Lab


Complete Gem Laboratory-Gem And Jewelry Appraisal Services maintains a very well equipped gemological laboratory, which enables us to properly identify and grade gemstones, and treatments .  Some gemstones may require more sophisticated and specialized testing, Gem And Jewelry Appraisal Services can handle most challenges presented to the lab.

We routinely use the following gemological equipment:

  • Gemological Binocular Darkfield Microscope

  • Hand Held Eye loupe

  • Electronic Scale, measuring to 0.000 carat

  • Fiber Optic Lighting

  • GIA  Gem Diamond Lite

  • Electronic Gold and Platinum Tester as well as testing acids

  • Spectrascopes, Calcite and Diffraction Grade

  • Refractometer

  • Polariscopes

  • Long & Short Wave Ultraviolet Lamp with Dark Box

  • Gem Dialogue Color Comparison Charts

  • Gem Light Box

  • Electronic Diamond Tester

  • GEM Diamond Proportion Analyzer

  • Master set of color grading Diamonds

  • Gem-e-Wizard Colored Gemstone Grading System

  • Leverage Gages

  • Dichroscope

  • Chelsea Color filter

  • Hanneman Filter

  • Hearts and Arrows Viewer

  • Ultrasonic Cleaners, Steam Cleaner

  • Digital Camera

  • Comprehensive Gemological Library

  • Gemological  Portable Lab

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