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Are You Buying or Selling?

Know exactly what it's worth before you buy it

There are a lot of factors when it comes to the valuation of gemstones. The history, condition, and fair market value all make it difficult to know how much an item is worth. SAZ can give you an official valuation, and more importantly, we can give you complete confidence that you aren’t paying more than you should be. If you have questions, or if you want to schedule a free consultation, please message me today :)

Make sure you know the fair market value of your item before you sell it

Selling jewelry can be a stressful, intensive process. It is even more stressful if your piece has sentimental value. If you are looking to prepare for a sale, or if you just want to know what you have, we will do our best to make your appraisal comfortable and easy. Send me a message to get started!

Have You Already Bought An Item? 

Get verification of the price you paid

If you have already purchased a diamond or gemstone, Saleena can provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable about your purchase. You can watch the inspection, ask questions, and get answers. Once the inspection is complete, Saleena will determine a preliminary valuation and then create a final appraisal report.

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