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Ownership Recommendations

Jewelry is made to be enjoyed, and a little extra care will help extend the experience for a lifetime. And if you pass it down, maybe several lifetimes! Use these care tips to extend the life and sparkle of every single jewelry item. It is, after all, very important to maintain your stones clean and to make sure they rest safely in their settings. 

Get Checkups

It is highly recommended to take your jewelry to a jeweler for inspection and cleaning every six months. They’ll check for loose settings, worn prongs, chipped or missing stones, and other potential concerns. By doing this, the overall integrity of your jewelry will continue to thrive. Most importantly, professional inspections are typically completely free of cost. Don’t wait! If you see a loose stone or a prong that is worn or catches on fabric, it could lead to a lost stone. Take the piece to your jeweler and have it checked immediately. 

Clean Regularly

Clean your jewelry at home to avoid dirt buildup that can increase wear, but use caution. Be extra cautious around sinks and open drains. It is easy for jewelry to slip from our fingers during cleaning. To clean, use warm water and a baby soft toothbrush. Mild liquid soaps, such as Dawn, may be used to clean gemstone-free jewelry, or jewelry with harder stones such as diamond, ruby, and sapphire. If you have any concerns about cleaning your jewelry, most jewelry stores offer free cleanings and can provide tips on how to effectively clean your jewelry at home in-between visits.

Store Gently

When you’re not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate soft compartment or container. Storing jewelry cluttered together can cause scratches or other damage to both the metal and your stones. Never hang necklaces as that can cause them to stretch. Be careful when using ring holders or jewelry dishes as these tend to stack rings on top of each other, which can cause damage. 

Go Easy

Diamonds are among the hardest materials on earth, but they can chip if struck at the right angle. Don’t risk a damaged engagement ring. For any potentially high-impact activity, store your ring safely at home or around your neck on a sturdy chain.

Insure It

Be sure to get jewelry insurance with coverage that’s right for you, so if you do experience theft, loss, or damage, you’re covered. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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