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4 Daily Activities That Damage Fine Jewelry

You love your fine jewelry pieces and that’s why you wear them throughout the day! Whether it’s your wedding ring or a tennis bracelet that you got for your birthday, your daily routine could be doing serious damage to your jewelry. Here are some of the daily activities that might be taking a toll on your fine jewelry.

1. Exercise: Sweat is not typically a serious threat to fine jewelry, but the movements and equipment associated with working out can do damage. When you are playing sports or lifting weights, you risk cracking or breaking fine jewelry. Claw clasps and chains can also become damaged due to a dramatic impact. Always take off rings and nice jewelry before you head to the gym.

2. Housework: Just like at the gym, one of the big risks of cleaning your house with fine jewelry on is knocking it against a hard surface or cracking it on something. With cleaning, the chemicals that you use could also damage certain stones and metals. Take off rings and bracelets, as well as anything that might make direct contact with chemicals, before you start tidying up the house.

3. Styling Your Hair: Did you know that hairspray and other sprayable hair care products can cling to your gemstones? If you style your hair while wearing fine jewelry, hairspray can leave behind a film that dulls the sparkle and shine of your jewels. Wait to put on your necklace and ring until you’re done getting ready for the day.

4. Swimming: If you take a dip in a pool or hot tub this summer, you might not think to take off your choker or toe ring before you hop in. In reality, pools and hot tubs use a variety of chemicals to keep them working and safe for people to use. Unfortunately, the chemicals that keep us safe when swimming are the same ones that can discolor and harm our precious heirlooms. Take off rings and all fine jewelry before you take a dip in the pool.

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