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Celebrate the Holiday Season with Beautiful December Birthstones

Whether you are trimming your tree or spending time with loved ones this holiday season, December birthstones give you plenty to choose from. Every December birthstone has something special to offer.

Delightful Turquoise

Turquoise has been one of the most popular stones throughout the centuries due to its unique, rich color. Turquoise was first used in ancient Egypt, and it was commonly found throughout royal palaces and tombs. King Tut’s tomb contained numerous detailed turquoise jewelry pieces. The stone was first called mefkat, which means joy and delight.

Aside from the ancient Egyptians, Persians also used turquoise a great deal to signify strength and protection when going into battle or ruling. Many of the oldest turquoise deposits in the world are no longer operating, but the United States remains the leading producer of turquoise in the world today.


Tanzanite is one of the most stunning stones in the world, as it is a striking blue-purple color. It can only be found in Tanzania, and it is a variety of the mineral zoisite. The stone was first discovered in 1967 and it has rapidly grown in popularity since then due to the gorgeous shade. Naturally formed tanzanite is relatively uncommon, but heat-treated tanzanite can be found more easily. Tanzanite was first believed to be sapphire before scientists realized the stones were actually zoisite. Does the color of tanzanite look familiar? That might be because it is deeply associated with Tiffany & Co., the primary distributor and first marketer of the stone in the 1960s.


Zircon is the last birthstone for December babies, but it is certainly not the least! Zircon is available in a broad range of shades including brown-red, green, yellow, brown, orange, gold and blue. Stones can be heat treated to turn from red-brown to a beautiful shade of blue. In the Middle Ages, people believed that zircon could help to improve sleep, guard against evil and impurity and attract riches. During the Victorian era, Zircon was very popular and used in everything from pendants to earrings. While many color variants are on the market, the most popular colors of zircon today are bright blue and gorgeous turquoise shades.

How Much Are Your Gemstones Worth?

Whether you have a treasured family heirloom or want to see the value of another piece in your collection, SAZ Gem & Jewelry Appraisal is here to help. For more information, give us a call at 425-785-1871.

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