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Coordinating Brooches with Your Outfit

Brooches are one of the most fun and versatile pieces of jewelry that you can coordinate with your outfit, but some people struggle to mix and match them properly. Here are some of our best tips for coordinating brooches with your outfit and making them part of your daily style.

Change Your Garment

One of the most creative ways to use a brooch is to pin up the sleeves of a dress or use them as an accent on the sleeve or waist. This can completely transform the look of the dress and leave people wondering if the brooch is part of the dress or just an accent. Silver and gold-toned brooches work very well for this type of wear.

Add Some Personality

Costume jewelry works well to show off your personality on a more plain and simple outfit. If you’re wearing solid colors or understated patterns, you can get as creative and fun as you want with your jewelry. You can even mix and match multiple brooches on a denim jacket or black blazer to give your outfit some pizazz.

Accent a Collar

Another creative way to wear a brooch is by pinning it at the base or center of your shirt collar. A colorful or visually interesting brooch can completely change the look of a classic white button-down shirt or other understated blouse. If your blouse does not have a collar but has an interesting neckline, try accenting the neckline with multiple brooches pinned around the top.

Explore Your Cuffs

Do you have small brooches that look strange on a top by themselves? Try using them in place of cufflinks or around the cuff of your blazer or jacket! You can use a single bold brooch on each cuff or use a variety of small brooches that share the same base metal or color scheme for a fashionable look that shows off your sense of style.

What is your favorite way to wear brooches?

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