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Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Band Unique

For centuries, most people looking for unique wedding bands were limited to jewelers in or near their hometowns. Most of the time, newlyweds had few options and would have to settle for more traditional-looking wedding rings. Today, thanks to the Internet, brides and grooms have all kinds of opportunity to customize their wedding bands in ways that appeal to their unique styles, personalities, and personal quirks. And the best part is, these unique twists are quite affordable.

Whether you are soon-to-be married or are reading this while wearing your wedding ring, we are going to show you some of our favorite ideas for making your wedding band as unique as you.

Engrave Your Wedding Rings


Do you and your partner call each other a special name? A great personal touch for your wedding bands is to have these nicknames engraved. It'll always stand to remind you of the special relationship you have with your partner.

Song Lyrics and Quotes

Most couples have a song, poem or quote that really resonate with them. It could be the song you shared during your ‘first dance,’ or from your first date. Engraving song lyrics on your wedding band is creative way to make your wedding ring more personal.

Complimentary Statements

There’s nothing like a good surprise. Write a brief compliment about your partner, and surprise them by having it engraved in his or her wedding band.

Unique Patterns

Patterns are an easy way to turn a simple wedding band into something more original and add a touch personality. 3D printing and CAD software enable jewelers to customize textures and patterns at a level of complexity that was never possible in the past. The options for patterns and designs are virtually endless. Some of the more popular patterns include lines, hammered and beveled.

Add a pop of color

Gone are the days of yellow-gold only wedding bands. There are endless shades and tones of color that can add lots of personality to any ring.

For brides and grooms with looking for unique colors, two-tone metal is a great choice. The cool thing about multi-tone metals is prevents you from feeling restricted by one color. Multiple tones are quickly becoming a modern wedding band trend. It isn’t hard to see why, these unique looking rings make an original statement, add more personality and incorporate your individual tastes to the look of your most treasured piece of jewelry.

Peculiar Shapes

Nothing captures individual expression more than a distinctly shaped ring. Just because it isn’t simple, doesn’t mean it has to be extravagant or over-the-top. There are plenty of ways to a touch of style to the classic, traditional bands. Just as there are endless ways to choose colors, there are a lot of gorgeously shaped rings available in today’s wedding band market. Here are some examples.

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