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Health Benefits of Jewelry, Now and in the Future

Most of us think of jewelry as decorative or as a symbol of something important. But not many people are aware that there are many health benefits to wearing some jewelry. In Hindu culture there is a tradition of wearing ornaments all over the body and each piece is meant to rejuvenate and heal the person wearing it. Science proves this to be true; there are real healing properties in some metals!

There are plenty of ways to improve your health through jewelry today. Some designers are working with scientists and health experts to create items with even more medical benefits. So, let’s explore the physical benefits of jewelry today and in the future.


Gold was used medicinally in ancient times; it was believed to have healing properties. It is also proven to be a completely non-toxic substance; no matter how long you wear it, it won’t create side effects.

Data shows that the use of gold can alleviate symptoms of Arthritis. According to one study, a significant percentage of people with Rheumatoid Arthritis saw an improvement in symptoms simply by wearing 24-karat gold directly on their skin. Similarly, it has been proven to help mitigate soreness in the body. Gold has relaxing effect on blood vessels and can improve circulation. Because it is a positively charged metal that promotes optimal oxygen distribution to cells, gold also helps to regulate body temperature and can strengthen the immune system.


Silver is found to have powerful antimicrobial properties that can help fight infections, some illnesses and even heal small cuts and injuries. Studies show that wearing silver jewelry, reduces the chances of you catching an illness because it boosts the immune system. Positively charged ions in silver have an anti-microbial effect.

Believe it or not, researchers have also discovered that aide skin maintenance because it repairs skin wounds, improves circulation and like gold, alleviates temperature imbalance.

Experts say that the metallic properties of silver can also reduce stress and anxiety. It naturally gives a calming effect to the person wearing it.

Alleviating Anxiety

Speaking of anxiety, fidgeting can help those on the autism spectrum, people with anxiety, and other conditions. While fidget spinners and other toys can help kids, it is difficult to find items designed for adults. Jewelry offers a discreet way for adults to fidget freely. One brand that makes beautiful items for alleviating anxiety is called Stimtastic. A portion of the proceeds go towards helping the autism community. Check out their website here:

Contraceptive Jewelry

Science and art are converging as designers and doctors work to make jewelry with real health applications. One example is contraceptive jewelry. Researchers are working on a way to administer hormones through special backings on items like earrings, rings and necklaces. The hormones will be contained in patches that are in contact with the skin which allows the drugs to be absorbed into the body. This would allow for a more discreet and pretty use of birth control.


Alas, there is more to jewelry than greets the eye!

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