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How Diamonds are used Beyond Jewelry

Other Uses for Diamonds Beyond Jewelry

When you hear the word ‘diamond,’ you likely envision an engagement ring or fancy necklace from a movie. Diamonds are synonymous with luxury and complement our wardrobes. However, they have several practical uses because they are one of the most rigid, most durable materials on Earth – they are a ten on the Mohs Hardness Scale. In addition to their durability, diamonds can withstand significant amounts of heat. The combination of these attributes makes them ideal for several industrial applications.

This blog post will show you some lesser-known uses for the world’s most renowned stones.


Next time you sit in your dentist’s chair, take a quick look at their drills. Dental tools have diamond tips that help them drill cavities without worrying about broken equipment. Diamonds make dentists' jobs easier, faster, and safer for patients.

Geologic Drilling

As you can imagine, the rock and sediment under Earth’s surface are pretty hard to get through. Oil, gas, and mining companies frequently use drill bits with diamond tips to drill miles underground. Rock can quickly wear away some of our most durable materials, such as steel and iron, but it is no match for diamond.

Audio Equipment

High-quality speakers are sometimes constructed with diamonds to improve sound and make them last longer. Why? Because speakers degrade quickly due to the immense vibration from sounds. Diamond domes are a solution to the degradation. The domes are made thin enough to vibrate constantly without ever deforming – this keeps sound quality at its peak for years.

Cancer Treatment

That’s right; diamonds can help fight Cancer! Scientists found that tiny bits of diamond, when attached to certain Cancer medications, can aid in the speed and efficiency of eradicating malignant tumors. The stones’ ability to reflect light makes them able to detect and destroy cancer cells in certain body parts. The use of diamonds in chemotherapy is becoming more and more common due to the success rate in combatting the disease.

Computer Products

Sorry to break it to you. It is unlikely that the device you are reading this post on has diamonds in it. However, high-end computer manufacturers are increasingly turning to luxurious stones for their hardness and thermal power. Without getting too technical, diamonds can act as heat sinks in PCs, allowing them to handle high electric forces. Some companies are even working on diamond processors, which may become commonplace shortly.

There is good reason for the popularity and price of these brilliant stones. They are much more than beautiful adornments; diamonds have an ever-growing number of practical applications. This means that diamonds are a secure investment – as we find more ways to utilize them beyond jewelry, the price will continue to rise over the long term.

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