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How to Choose the Perfect Personalized Jewelry Piece

Personalized jewelry is a wonderful way to give your loved ones a one-of-a-kind piece that matches who they are. There are many different types of personalized jewelry, from rings with birthstones that are more subtle to name bracelets that are engraved with the name of the recipient. How can you select the perfect personalized jewelry piece for your loved one?

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Personalized Jewelry Piece

1. Consider the Right Material: First, think about what metal is best for the person receiving the gift. If your friend prefers rose gold over silver, that will affect the pieces that you have to choose from. The same is true if your loved one has an allergy to a specific metal and something like 24 karat gold or sterling silver would be more appropriate. Your material should also be kept in mind when designing, as some metals and stones complement each other better than others, and some metals work better for engraving than others.

2. Take Your Time with Design: Take your time when browsing through different design options to find something that is both meaningful and also wearable for the recipient. Some designs lend themselves well to customization via stones while others work better for words or initials. Other pieces incorporate motifs like hearts that are well suited to couples. The right design will ensure the recipient ends up with a finished product that they love.

3. Choose the Perfect Chain: If you are purchasing a personalized necklace or pendant, picking the right length chain is important. If you can, ask the person receiving the gift the length of the chains that they wear most frequently. Buying a pendant? You can also always purchase the pendant and then allow your loved one to choose a matching chain that fits them perfectly. Some people look better with a thinner chain or thicker chain and, depending on their personal style, they might want a longer chain or shorter chain.

Talk to the Experts at SAZ Gem & Jewelry Appraisal

Whether you have a family ring you are interested in learning the value of or you’re looking to expand your collection, SAZ Gem & Jewelry Appraisal is here to help. We know how to verify the authenticity of vintage jewels and can assist you before, during or after the purchasing process. For more information, give us a call at 425-785-1871.

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