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How to Properly Clean Jewelry

Some people may be nervous to clean jewelry because, if done incorrectly, it can damage the item. It is important to know how to go about it the right way, but cleaning jewelry isn’t all that difficult or scary. Once you give your piece a good scrub, it will look just as good as the day you bought it.

Read on to see our suggestions for cleaning specific types of jewelry!

The Don'ts

Let us get the bad ideas out of the way first.

  • Never use household cleaners like chlorine or bleach. These can break down the metals in your piece(s).

  • Avoid cleaning products that use moisturizers as these can leave a fine film on the jewelry.

  • Abrasive products like baking soda, toothpaste and powdered cleaners can easily scratch metals.

  • When drying avoid paper towels as they can irritate and scratch the metal.

  • Opals, coral, turquoise, pearls and platinum should be professionally cleaned.

  • It may also be a good idea to have a professional take care of antique jewelry.

  • Excessive use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines.

Cleaning Diamond Rings and Earrings

Diamond rings should be cleaned regularly, once a month or so. A lot of people are surprised by how often they should clean their rings, but they can quickly become gross! The best way to clean a diamond ring is to make a solution with household dishwashing soap and warm water. Let the ring sit for about 30 minutes, and then gently brush the stone with a clean, unused toothbrush. Finally, rinse it thoroughly under warm water. Take your time and try to not brush too hard.

Cleaning Gold and Silver at Home

If you have a lot of silver, you may want to invest in liquid silver cleaner and a jewelry cleaning cloth. You can find both of these on Amazon. Gently rub the silver with the cleaning cloth and rinse with warm water.

How to Clean your Watch

If you wear a watch regularly, oils and sweat and other materials from your skin will begin to collect in corners and hinges and even on the surface of the bracelet. Do not submerge any watch in water (leave that to the professionals).

What you’ll need:

1. Watchmaker cleaning sticks

2. Soft, microfiber Cloth

3. Mild liquid soap

4. Soft towel

To clean your watch:

1. Remove the straps

2. Use the cleaning sticks to get in the nooks

3. Rinse in clean, room temperature water

4. Pat dry with a soft towel

5. Wipe down with a microfiber cloth

If you have any questions about your item(s) and if they should be professionally cleaned, SAZ is happy to help!

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