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Jewelry Inspired by Ancient Times

Trends in jewelry change constantly. Things that looked great in 1991 may not have the same appeal in 2021. However, some things last and many designs found in ancient jewelry continue to influence designs thousands of years later. Let’s explore some ancient-inspired items and the history behind them.

Jewelry Influenced by Ancient Greece

Even before metals were available in Greece, artisans made jewelry from stone, clay, and even bone. Earrings, pendants, bracelets, and pins were hugely popular in Ancient Greek culture; they often referenced gods and goddesses. Jewelry was a symbol of social status and would often feature motifs and intricate cameos.

Today, you can find a wide selection of Ancient Greek inspired jewelry. Some of the most popular items are influenced by the Hellenistic Era. Check out for more items like this Hellenistic Braided Silver Band Ring.

Jewelry Influenced by Ancient Rome

Ancient Romans of the middle and upper-class were quite fond of jewelry. Many of them wore gemstones such as opal, emerald, topaz, diamonds and pearls. Most of these items were imported from other territories. Women did not have many rights in Ancient Rome however, their jewelry was one of the few things that was considered to be their property. Earrings, broaches, and necklaces made of precious metals were an indication of wealth. Many of these items would have small engravings of symbols and were believed to ward off evil. Check out this Peacock Feather of Juno Charm made by Always Saleda.

You can view more Ancient Rome inspired pieces on their website here:

Jewelry Influenced by Ancient Egypt

The well-preserved tombs have given us a crystal-clear look at the jewelry worn by Egyptians thousands of years ago. It was worn as adornment, for protection, and for legal authentication. That’s right, jewelry was a sort of driver’s license for Ancient Egyptians. Men would wear signet rings that bore their family’s emblem. Emblems were often an animal such as a hawk, lion or scorpion. This made it easy to identify a man who died in battle or at work. And instead of a signature, documents and agreements were sealed by the use of a man’s ring!

Ancient Egypt had a very rich visual language that was showcased in their jewelry. They used a variety of materials including gold, emeralds, turquoise, and obsidian. Their visual language continues to inspire many modern designers who are using Egyptian style more abstractly. Triangular, symmetrical shapes were very common, and this subtle influence can be found in many modern designs. Check out this necklace designed by Fantaisie de Scoulers available here.


It is safe to say that ancient designers were masters of their craft and way ahead of their time. It is hard to imagine people in the year 4021 wearing some of the jewelry that is popular today, but it certainly is possible.

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