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Jewelry with a Purpose

There are so many ways to go about choosing jewelry. Most of the time we choose items because they reflect our taste and style. With the Internet at our fingertips, finding the perfect items has never been easier. There are countless independent designers making amazingly creative pieces. More and more companies are getting creative not just with designs but how they use proceeds from sales. Many designers are now donating a portion of jewelry sales and giving back to individuals and communities around the world. Now you can find items that reflect your style while making a small contribution to some great causes. Check out these jewelry brands that are making works of art and a difference.

Half United

Support the fight against global hunger with a purchase from Half United. The brand creates beautiful jewelry out of recycled bullets and other recycled materials that no longer have use. Each purchase from Half United goes to organizations around the world that are helping less developed countries fight hunger. It started as a small jewelry business in 2009, and since then has expanded into handbags and other accessories. Learn more about Half United by clicking here:

Passport Ocean

The sea-inspired items available at Passport Ocean are truly unique. In addition to raising awareness for issues affecting the world’s oceans, the brand donates 15% of profits to an ocean charity each month. You have to check out their collection by going to

Purpose Jewelry

Each item is designed, processed, packaged, and shipped by a survivor of human trafficking. The jewelry ranges from simple to elegant and mono-colored to very colorful pieces. Every purchase supports the freedom, hope, and dignity of the women who work for Purpose. The brand also supports a non-profit called International Sanctuary which is empowering girls and women to escape human trafficking. You can learn more about their story by clicking here:

Ruthie and Olive

Owned and operated by a mother daughter duo, Ruthie and Olive donates three meals to people with food insecurities for every item that is sold. According to their website, they have donated nearly 65,000 meals to date! Each stylish piece comes with an inspiring message. Visit their online story by clicking here:

Noonday Collection

Comprised of 2,000 female ambassadors from around the world, Noonday empowers women to become stylists and entrepreneurs. In addition to providing employment opportunities, the company donates 10% of sales to Adoption Trunk Shows that help adoptive families bring their children home. The diverse styles of Noonday’s items reflect the cultures of their ambassadors around the world. Read more on their website here:


These brands represent a bright future for the future of the jewelry industry. They all offer stylish items at affordable prices and are making a genuine difference in the world.

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