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Our Favorite Jewelry Inspired by Animals

The world of wildlife has inspired jewelry designers since ancient times. Domesticated animals, wild animals, and even mythical creatures have appeared as motifs in jewelry for thousands of years. We owe a bit of gratitude to animals for giving pendants, necklaces, and other jewelry items a little more imagination and sparkle. The Internet has given independent designers the opportunity to create some brilliant, animal inspired jewelry and we are excited to share some of our favorite pieces in this post.

Starfish Earrings

Did you know Starfish don’t have brains or blood? Instead, seawater is pumped throughout their bodies as a replacement for blood. The water delivers key nutrients which allow their organs to function properly. Available in the SAZ Studio, these Stunning 14K Gold and Diamond Post Starfish Earrings have a lot of personality. Elegant yet fun, the yellow gold offsets the shine of the 34 sparkling diamonds. You can purchase these Starfish Earrings here.

Float Like a Butterfly Stackable Ring

There are around 20,000 species of butterflies in the world, each with their own unique attributes and beautiful colors. This handmade, minimalist ring looks stunning on its own and great mixed with other accessories. Available in gold, rose gold, white gold, or sterling silver, anyone with a green thumb is sure to love this adorable ring. Treat yourself or give it as a gift. Take a closer look in the SAZ Studio by clicking here.

Whale Shark Ring

Like tortoises, Whale Sharks can live to be 150 years old. And also similar to tortoises, they are considered to be gentle creatures. Their teeth are tiny and so they only eat small shrimp, plankton, and other little fish.

This low-profile ring begs the eye for a closer look. Casted in solid sterling silver, the level of detail is extraordinary. Anyone who admires sea life is sure to love this beauty. It is available on Etsy for $84. You can see more pictures or purchase it here.

Bison Dangle Earrings

Bison coats are extraordinarily thick. Their coarse outer layer of fur is ten times thicker than domestic cattle – keeping them warm and insulated from the intense cold of the Midwest plains where they dwell. Bison are such cool creatures, and these Vintage Laurel Burch Earrings are bursting with personality. Popular in the mid-1980s, these genuine Laurel Burch collectibles can be yours by clicking here.

While these are some of our favorite pieces of animal-inspired jewelry, we didn’t even scratch the surface of all the designs that are available today. We hope these items inspire you to comb through the countless animal-inspired designs, and find one that you love.

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