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The Rise of Minimalist Jewelry

Fashion consistently reinvents itself and evolves over time. As a quintessential element of fashion, jewelry trends are constantly (and naturally) changing. One of these trends over the past few years is the rise of minimalist styling.

What is minimalist jewelry?

There are a lot of ways to describe what it means, but essentially it refers to art that uses basic or minimal elements. Reduced to the essential, this style goes along with the famous phrase “less is more.”

Gone are the days of chandelier necklaces and bold accessories. Nowadays, trends in jewelry have undergone a complete turnaround. As is the case with most fashion trends, the movement towards more minimalist styles doesn’t have one specific reason. There are several things that have contributed to it becoming the dominating trend in 2021 and 2022.

Six Reasons Why People Love Minimalist Jewelry

1. It pairs well. One of the reasons this emerging trend has gained momentum is because minimalist jewelry can, for the most part, be dressed up or down. Simple, geometric shapes are easier to pair with clothing and will be worn more often than fancier items.

2. It’s affordable. Generally using less precious metals and expensive gemstones, it is a cost-effective way to look your best.

3. A safe gift. Second-guessing jewelry as a gift is quite common. It is difficult to know whether your family member, friend, or colleague will like the style, color etc. More extravagant items come with more details, and these details only create more questions and things to consider when giving them as presents. Minimalist styles offer a simplicity that is hard to get wrong. Younger generations are particularly attracted to this new look, and therefore it makes for a fantastic coming of age gift.

4. It makes a gentle statement. It’s no wonder that this down-to-earth style is becoming popular with non-jewelry lovers. It’s the perfect way for people to dip their toe into the world of jewelry without feeling uncomfortable. It can ‘cheer up’ a wardrobe without going overboard.

5. The practicality. Not only is it more affordable, it’s generally less bulky and easier to wear around town. Minimalist styles are a great option for people who don’t want to feel weighed down. This can make a huge difference in Summer when it’s hot.

6. Dynamic combinations. The different sizes, weights, and heights allow men and women to use their creativity and combine items. In contrast to more flashy pieces, minimalist necklaces, rings and bracelets provide more options when choosing what to wear.

Regardless of the reason, minimalism is the trend in everyday jewelry is right now and will continue to be in 2022.

It is also interesting to note that the story of each piece is important to consumers. Unlike the past, people want to know what each item represents, the story of its designer, and how its elements are sourced. This bodes well for us and our tagline: “every gem has a story, our job is to figure out what that story is.”

If you are looking for handmade, minimalist jewelry, or need a professional appraisal from a GIA Certified Gemologist, we would be honored to help.

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