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The Ultimate Guide to Friendship Jewelry

Growing up, you may have made friendship bracelets with your friends. Friendship jewelry does not have to be a thing of the past; something only kids do. Many of us wear rings that represent love and commitment to our spouses. So why not wear rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets that symbolize the bond between our closest friends? We say, bring them back!

We have put together a list of friendship jewelry ideas that you can your friends can enjoy together.

Engraved Personalized Mini Disc Pendant

Most friends have a word that doesn’t mean much to anyone else but means the world to both of them. Whether it’s a funny word or something heartfelt, you can have that word, or a name engraved on this pendant. Every time you put it on or look at it, it will remind you of a moment that is close to both of your hearts. Click here to take a closer look!

Topaz: The Gemstone of Friendship

In some cultures, blue topaz is believed to be the ultimate representation of friendship. Topaz is believed to help you feel confident and also encourages you to share what you have learned with others. It is a joyful stone, and negativity dissipates in the presence of Topaz. It is said that by gifting blue topaz, the receiver will become more charismatic and gracious in return. These 14K Yellow Gold London Blue Topaz Earrings make for PERFECT friendship earrings. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

Bohemian Rainbow Gemstone Necklaces

Remember those old friendship bracelets from the 70s and 80s? The one thing they all had in common was bright, vibrant colors. Each color represents something different. Red is supposed to symbolize luck and good fortune. Blue promotes courage and bravery in the wearer. Green reflects truth and honesty. Orange means happiness and truth. The colors of these Rainbow Gemstone necklaces represent all of the emotions, good and bad, that we experience together and individually. These can be yours for only $70! Click here to check them out.

Bohemian Apatite Bracelets

What kind of guide to friendship jewelry would this be if we didn’t include at least one bracelet?! After all, bracelets marked the beginning of matching jewelry. Central America is believed to be the birthplace of the ritual, and it eventually spread to the U.S. In the 70s, The United States was undergoing some radical changes. Following the Vietnam War, people started focusing on unity as opposed to the division that everyone felt during the war. Friends gravitated to peace and love, and in an effort to unite, they began exchanging bracelets. These Blue Bohemian Apatite Bracelets are the ultimate symbol of healing and personal growth. In the same way that friends help when you’re feeling down, Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual stone that offers a cleansing influence for the body and mind. They can be yours for only $51! Click here to take a closer look.

Cheers to long-lasting friendships!

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