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Unusual Jewelry Becoming Mainstream

If you told us 20 years ago that designers would be preserving snowflakes and turning them into beautiful pieces of jewelry, we would probably tell you it was impossible. We wouldn’t believe you if told us that in 2021 people would be wearing rings with their dogs’ ashes, necklaces with live plants, or turning dead insects into keepsakes.

But times have changes. As people look to make unique statements with their jewelry, designers have taken creativity and innovation to a whole new level. Let us take a closer look at some cutting-edge items that are changing the way we think about jewelry.

Frozen Jewelry

Dahlhai Vela, a designer based in Yellowknife, Canada, has found a way to preserve real snowflakes and turn them into necklaces. Vela, a native of Mexico, moved to Canada and was in awe of snowflakes. She won’t go into detail about the process as she has a patent pending. But her work is incredible!

Pet Cremation Pieces

Pets are family. One way to keep their memory with you is jewelry that holds their ashes. There are a number of different options for cremation pieces. They are available as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The ashes can be kept in capsules like this customizable piece on Amazon:

They can also be infused into crystal resin. Checkout Spirit Pieces beautiful selection:

Living, Breathing Jewelry

Designer, Colleen Jordan, makes wearable planters that allow owners to literally wear live plants. The plants can survive with very little water and will actually grow and evolve around your neck. Check out her site here:

And if that interests you, be sure to take a look at Ruby Robin Boutique. Ruby Robin puts real wildflowers in lockets and pendants. These require no maintenance and are just as beautiful!

Real Insect Jewelry

Spiders, scorpions, and beetles, oh my! Warning, these aren’t for everyone. But for people who aren’t afraid of bugs, real insect jewelry is a great conversation starter. There are a lot of designers on Etsy making some cool pieces with dead insects. Surprisingly, these items are relatively inexpensive. Take a look at some of real insect jewelry here:

Where do we go from here? Several decades ago, it would be hard to believe that these pieces were possible to make let alone that anyone would want them. But the creativity and innovation of designers throughout the world is remarkable. One of the things we enjoy most about this industry is there is no limit to what is possible.

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