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Ways to Style Outfits with Designer Jewelry

Jewelry is essential to complete any outfit. When picked properly, jewelry can bring an entire outfit together, complementing the color and style. Going through outfits and thinking you’ve worn it one too many times, it isn’t fancy enough for the occasion, or just is not your style anymore is never a good feeling. There are simple ways of adding jewelry to your look that can make it an entirely new outfit.

The Occasion

When matching jewelry with your clothing, the occasion is the place to start. Some pieces are too casual for formal events and some are too much for the average, everyday outing.

For more formal events, like a wedding, cocktail party or fancy date, lavish jewels in classic styles are the go-to. Everyday outfits lend a little more creative freedom that will allow you to play with different trends and more laid-back style. Jeans and a tee shirt are good opportunities for more playful styles.

Color Scheme

You can use a color wheel to find interesting pairings that might help you step out of your comfort zone. Find inspiration for color harmony by looking at a site like this

Basic color theory is something that isn’t thought of very often when choosing an outfit or jewelry, but it can be a big help. For example, if your outfit features more muted tones, jewelry with the same saturation and hue would be a better complement than jewelry that has vivid tones.


When it comes to necklaces the style of your neckline on your top or dress should be the first point of consideration - we don’t want one to overshadow the other. It is best to take cues from the design of your neckline and let the jewelry follow after that. Typically, a necklace looks best when it stops a few inches above where the neckline starts. Long necklaces complement necklines that don’t have a lot of detail or features.

If there is one thing to take away from this part it is this: the more skin you show, the more intricate your necklace can be.

Choose the Headline Piece

Pairing too many bold pieces can make your outfit look a bit gaudy. We want your jewelry to work in harmony and instead of overwhelming the eyes of others. Consider which category of jewelry you want to be the hero: your earrings, bracelet, rings, or necklace. If you choose two statement pieces, we recommend spreading them out. In other words, avoid wearing bold earrings and an extravagant necklace; this can leave your upper body looking a bit chaotic and your lower body feeling unbalanced.

Speaking of Balance…

We want your outfit to feel complementary to your jewelry. Does your clothing have a lot of busy prints or details or mostly simple patterns? If it is the former, understated jewelry is the way to go. If it is the latter, you have the freedom to choose bolder pieces of jewelry.

Whether you are going out to lunch with friends or a wedding, we hope these tips help you put together outfits that will turn heads at your next outing.

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